A consulting company focused on start-ups and micro to small businesses, primarily servicing Clients in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, the District of Columbia and Virginia.

Industries Served

Aerospace, Biotechnology, Chemicals, Cleanrooms, Environmental Monitoring, Food & Beverage, Homeland Security, Hospitals, Industrial Automation, Machinery, Medical Device, Military, Pharmacies, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Water, and the respective government agencies, academical institutes and entrepreneur that serve them.


To provide our Clients with strategic process tools for innovative, desired outcome solutions that propels their business forward.

Guiding Principles

  • We define quality as meeting expectations, both stated and perceived.
  • We believe that our services should be transparent and easily monitored.
  • We seek the root cause of problems and our solution are aimed at addressing the problem, not the symptoms, whenever possible.
  • We look to provide strategic and elegant process based solutions that are simple, efficient and effective.
  • We strive to incorporate “Green” technologies and solutions into all aspects of our business.

What Differentiates PROSSIS

Our Concurrent Strategic Management concept (CSM) provides a reduced role out time for any strategic initiative, product launch, branding makeover, or promotional activities. At the same time CSM optimizes the resources available, ensures that everyone in the company is cognizant of the strategy and fully engaged in its implementation. All critical objectives for start-ups and micro to small business.

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